Why choose us?

You get more than just a salesperson.

Most agents took an online test to get their license and don’t have any idea what is in the policies they are asking you to buy. They just want to sell and quite frankly, they’re dangerous to work with. At Martin Insurance Group, our agents are held to a rigorous standard of education so you have confidence you are covered.

You will get quick responses and regular communication.

When you call, text, leave us a message or send an email, we will respond quickly and answer your questions clearly. We also won’t just sell you a policy then disappear. You will hear from us frequently so you know about changes that affect you.

You will know if we find a better deal for you.

We are always adding new carriers, new discount programs and services other agencies simply do not offer. When these new opportunities become available, you will be notified. You will have an agency working behind the scenes for you to find the best deals!

You will have a partner equipped to provide services other agents can’t.

Whether it’s bilingual services, contract review, HR legal consulting, safety services, cost containment, OSHA compliance or navigating the health insurance maze, we have built our agency around value added extras you simply won’t get anywhere else.

We’ll give you all the tools to access your insurance 24/7.

You’ll get access to a smartphone app for generating auto ID cards, certificates of liability, billing, and more. We want you to have power at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Ready to get started?

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