When I get a new car, when should I call my Agent?

When I get a new car, when should I call my Agent?

When you a purchase a new vehicle, there are a lot of opinions thrown around when considering the right time to call your insurance agent. Some companies need you to call within 15 days. Some companies say 30 days. The dealer where you bought the car probably gave you his opinion.Bottom line is, coverage will automatically extend to a newly acquired vehicle for a short period of time. If you are buying a car, the best time to call your agent is while you are considering purchasing the vehicle. At this time you can ask them what you will need to know if you do purchase the car.

  • How long will coverage extend to the new vehicle?
  • How will adding the vehicle affect the cost of the policy?
  • Will anything need to be paid at the same time the vehicle is added?
  • How will the additional premium be billed if there is a payment plan in place?

By calling ahead of time, you are eliminating the possibility of any unpleasant surprises after you have already made the purchase. All insurance carriers are different so even though your friend or the dealership said you have coverage for 30 days, keep in mind they are not licensed insurance agents. Of course if your friend happens to be your insurance agent, then you may consider what they have to say.Another advantage to calling ahead of time is so you will know what it will cost for the new car. After you have made the purchase is not the time to find out the premium is three times what you thought it might be.If you are purchasing a new car and would like help with your policies, give us a call to help sort through your insurance options.

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