How Will You Vote on Amendment 69 This Fall?

How Will You Vote on Amendment 69 This Fall?


This November, we will be voting to amend the constitution to change healthcare in Colorado. Here are four reasons from Coloradans for Coloradans to vote no on Amendment 69.

  1. Huge New Tax Burden. Amendment 69 will raise $25 billion in new taxes to fund a massive government-run health care system - —a figure that almost doubles the state budget. All Coloradans will pay into thus system giving Colorado the highest income taxes in the nation. Colorado can’t afford Amendment 69.
  2. 21-Member Board of Politicians Making Health Care Decisions for You. ColoradoCare would be run by a 21-member Board of Trustees with no accountability to the Governor or legislature. The Board will be responsible for running a new $38 billion entity - $25 billion from new taxes plus $13 billion from existing health care funding – and make decisions about health care benefits, payments to doctors and future tax increases. Yet, there are no requirements for experience in health care, no guarantee of political balance and no authority to recall these members. Decisions about our health care are too important to leave to inexperienced, unaccountable politicians.
  3. Another Complex Policy Embedded in Colorado’s Constitution. This is yet another complex and costly amendment to our state’s constitution. And because this policy is embedded in our constitution it would be difficult to amend or change in the future. It is irresponsible to put another complex amendment into our state’s constitution.
  4. Colorado should NOT be the guinea pig. One state, tiny Vermont, led by a pro-single-payer Governor tried this. He abandoned the plan after it was clear it would bust the state budget and be too complicated for one state to administer. Coloradans should not have to risk their health care, their income, and our economic future, on a risky experiment that has never been implemented anywhere before.

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