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Workers Compensation Insurance

An injured construction worker receiving initial treatment from a co-worker

As a business owner, you are required to have Colorado workers compensation insurance coverage in order to comply with various state and federal regulations; but that doesn’t mean that just any policy from just any average agency will do. You need expert coverage strategies and advice tailored by the leading Colorado insurance specialists found here at Martin Insurance Group.

Whether you call it workers comp, workman’s comp, or workers compensation, the principle is the same. Unfortunately workplace injury is fairly common and making sure your business is in a place financially to recover should one of your top performers be out of work or a lawsuit is filed is imperative to ensuring the success of your company long term.

Workers Compensation Insurance Typically Covers:

  • Death Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Loss of Wages During Recovery
  • Health Care / Medical Expenses
  • And More

In Colorado, workers compensation insurance can be even more costly than other states. That is why Martin Insurance Group has developed a unique Six Point Strategy that can help you reduce your workers compensation costs by as much as 50%.

Here are six questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. How confident are you that you have done everything in your power to prevent accidents in your workplace?

Put simply, most companies lack the resources, time and experience to implement an effective safety program. That is where Martin Insurance Group can help. In fact, our experts are OSHA trained and have years of experience helping employers implement safety programs and obtain their Cost Containment Certification.

  1. Who is leading the charge for safety at your company?

As the manager of the business, you simply cannot delegate this responsibility. Safety has to come from the top-down. Managers and field supervisors must participate on safety committees and enforce safety on the job site. We can help you organize a structure at your company that involves everyone and holds employees accountable for compliance. We’ll even train you on where to begin and help get your safety manual written.

  1. Are your employees all adequately trained in how to do their jobs?

We have access to training materials, in person OSHA classes, online classes, and downloadable safety talks that can be used to get your employees exactly what they need to know the hazards they face on the jobsite. We work to bring resources that are tailored to the specific hazards at your work place.

  1. Are rising workers compensation premiums eating away at your profits?

Safety is the critical and so is your bottom line. We know the ins and outs of workers compensation insurance and how to save you money.  We can show you how to tame your Experience Modification (e-Mod) factor and maximize the discounts your carrier offers as well as put you in position to earn dividends for good behavior. We even offer safety group programs through the BBB that can lower your premiums.

  1. What is your strategy after a claim happens?

We have a clearly outlined strategy of how to manage claims that will save you money and get your employees back to work. We also train you on how to learn from accidents in the work place so corrective actions can be taken. Having a claim strategy is the key to reduce downtime for injuries and get workers back to work the right way.

  1. What could go wrong if you take no action?

A tragic accident can ruin your company’s reputation and cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention the emotional distress when a co-worker is injured or killed. We all want to see our employees go home to their families each night uninjured. But just hoping it will happen is not a strategy!

If your workers compensation costs are taking away your competitive advantage, it’s time to turn it around.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today at 970-963-6161.  We will schedule an initial consultation at no charge.  If you decide to work with our agency as your appointed workers compensation agent, all the services we provide are free.