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Home Insurance

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Get Comprehensive Coverage for Your Most Important Possession

The Rocky Mountains are a great area to own a home or condo; it’s incredibly scenic and the outdoor lifestyle can’t be beat. . Unlike other companies, Martin Insurance Group understands the unique risks involved with home ownership in this area, and we’re the perfect agency to guide you to the right protection for your biggest investment.

Consider the Legal Implications of Home Ownership

Physical damage isn’t the only thing to worry about when you own property. If someone were to hurt themselves on your property and decide to sue, you could be facing a serious out-of-pocket bill if you don’t have the right insurance.

The Martin Insurance Group has additional options that can effectively round out the insurance you have for your home. We offer umbrella insurance, which is liability coverage that can go above and beyond your regular coverage. We also offer flood insurance, which is especially important in Colorado with the recent flooding we have experienced.

We Have Quality Insurance for Renters

If you don’t live in the standard home, the Martin Insurance Group can still help you. Many consumers in Colorado opt to purchase renters insurance because of the convenience and lower rates, and we can provide the coverage. Coverage held by landlords is usually minimal and probably won’t protect you when you need it most. Insurance for renters also comes at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

All renters’ policies are different, but most insurance will cover:

  • Legal Liabilities
  • Theft
  • Weather-related Damage

The Martin Insurance Group wants to be the agency that protects wherever it is you live. To speak to a member of our staff, stop by our office in Carbondale or call us at 970-963-6161 or fill out a free quote form. We’re ready to start helping you today.