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Water damage and your Colorado homeowners insurance

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Water is the stuff of life, but when it comes to your Colorado
homeowners insurance
it can also be the stuff of disasters. Water damage can occur for many reasons, in many places throughout the home and can result in substantial and costly damage. Unfortunately, not all types of water damage are covered by homeowners insurance.


Most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage from storms, as well as problems like ceiling cracks and leaks, ice-related issues, and burst pipes – provided these aren’t maintenance-related
However, because dealing with water damage can be so involved, it’s worth taking some steps to ensure that things don’t become a bigger problem than they have to
You can reduce your risk by undertaking regular pipe inspections and fixing any leaks. Also, maintain any appliances that use water and keep leak-prone areas such as gutters in good shape.


With Martin
Insurance Group
our agency can help homeowners like you stay protected for
life. Although
rain damage is fairly easy to manage, when it comes to flooding and sewer blockages, things are a little less clear. Flooding isn’t usually covered, and worse, in some cases, what may appear to be water damage from a storm may actually be considered flood damage by your insurance provider. If you live in a flood-prone area, then
investing in additional flood protection, as floods simply aren’t covered by your Coloardo homeowners insurance policy.


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