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Pet liability and your Colorado home insurance

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Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Most owners of pets take this responsibility seriously, training their animals to behave well and enrolling puppies in special classes for young dogs. Nevertheless, dogs have a natural propensity to jump and bite, and although training may modify these tendencies, there is always a chance that a dog will misbehave if something or someone makes him overexcited or nervous.

Insurance companies have good reason to know that dogs can behave unpredictably: a good number of household insurance claims are dog-related. While some Colorado home insurance policies offer liability coverage for damage and injury caused by dogs, other insurers are not prepared to bear this risk. Some insurance companies require dog-owning homeowners to take out separate insurance policies for pet liability, and some insurers offer separate coverage only for certain breeds of dog. If you have a breed of dog that is considered dangerous, your insurer may not be willing to take the risk at all.

In many states, dog owners are legally responsible for death or injury that is caused by their pets, so if you own a dog, it’s essential to have pet liability coverage. This is a complex issue, so if you are uncertain whether or not pet liability is covered by your home insurance, check the inclusions and exclusions on your current Colorado homeowners insurance policy or call your agent or insurer to find out.

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