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Our Colorado Business Insurance will provide you with extreme weather protection!

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When it comes to your Colorado business, insurance provides some financial protection in the event of damage from extreme weather conditions such as major winds or storms. To help prevent damage occurring in the first place, it’s important to do a little building inspection and maintenance. Some things to look for include:

• Roof problems such as rusting iron or nails, cracked or missing tiles, leaks, and loose flashing.
• Roof and ground gutters blocked with debris, such as leaves and twigs, which could prevent proper drainage.
• Trees too close to buildings, especially if they have not been properly trimmed/maintained.
• Poor run-off, which could make buildings more prone to flood damage.

To remedy these situations, roof and building problems should be attended to promptly, gutters should be regularly cleared, and trees pruned or removed altogether if they are considered to be too close to buildings. Surge arrestors and lightning protection systems are also a good idea to help prevent damage in an electrical storm.

Extreme weather can cause extreme damage to an unprotected and vulnerable building. This may mean not only the possibility of flooding and fire, but the problem of business interruption. This is inconvenient even if you have Colorado business insurance and business income protection. A little regular preventive maintenance for your property can go a long way towards helping reduce your risk of damage from extreme weather such as wind and storm!


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