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Getting back to business as usual with the help of our Colorado Business Insurance!

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After a disaster, it’s generally easier to return to normal if your business has a recovery plan in place. This includes adequate Colorado business insurance coverage, pre-disaster risk reduction strategies, evacuation procedures in a disaster, protection of important data and information, good communications with clients and staff, and preferably, alternative premises to operate from temporarily if the business building is not safe.

When disaster hits, it’s important to prevent further damage or injury from occurring to your building by doing some temporary repairs if necessary. You should call our agency to report the disaster, and get a building inspection and damage assessment done. It may also be necessary to get your premises safely cleaned up to remove debris and damaged items. Should the building be unsafe, it may be necessary to find an alternative premises to keep the business running – at least partially, until repairs are done.

To benefit from business interruption coverage, you will need business income records such as sales, profit & loss statements, and/or income tax records. The extra expenses you might incur from moving to another premises may also be covered, so it’s important to keep your receipts.

Working quickly in this way may help to get your business back to normal faster. It may also mean that your Colorado business insurance claim is processed more quickly. For more information on getting your business back to normal, see the Insurance Information for Business and Home Safety’s “Open for Business” tool kits!


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