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Do I need property damage liability with my CO auto insurance?

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Almost every adult has experienced some damage to their car or property as a result of an accident. Perhaps your car has been hit in the supermarket parking lot or someone has taken the corner too fast and crashed their car into your front fence. Even if the damage has been minor, there is always a bill at the end of it. But, what happens if you cause the damage? The property damage liability component of your CO auto insurance policy is designed to ensure the damage your car causes to someone else’s property can be covered.

This insurance covers your car and will be valid as long as the person driving at the time of the accident has your permission to drive your car and there are no other circumstances that would allow your insurer to deny the claim. If the driver hits another car, a building, a structure on private property or even a lamp post, your property damage liability coverage is designed to prevent you from being required to pay the repairs from your own personal funds.  

Even relatively minor accidents can result in big bills. While this type of coverage is designed to pay for the damage your vehicle has caused, it doesn’t cover the damage to your car. You’ll need comprehensive CO auto insurance to safeguard you from having to pay the expenses of repairing your own vehicle after damage.

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