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Colorado Business Insurance: What Will You Do When A Tornado Strikes?

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In Colorado, business insurance is important to have in place for financial protection in case of natural disasters, such as tornadoes. It’s also important to know what to do if a tornado strikes. The Insurance Information Institute gives the following advice:

How to prepare in the event of a pre-warning
• Move vehicles to a sheltered area
• Move outside items into a shed or other storage area
• Make sure you have an up-to-date inventory list

What to do when a tornado occurs:
• Find shelter and wait for the storm to pass if you are outdoors
• For those indoors, if no designated shelter is available, move to the center of the workplace building away from windows, or into the basement if there is one. At home, wait in the middle of the house or basement, or alternatively, in a closet, hallway, or bathroom until the storm passes.

How to react in the aftermath of a tornado
• Check for injuries and apply first aid if necessary
• Be careful of fallen power lines if you go outside
• Turn off the gas and/or power if you smell a gas leak or if wires are shorting out
• Keep receipts for temporary repairs and any extra business expenses for reimbursement later
• Write down a list of damages or losses and take photographs of damage
• Contact your insurer as soon as possible
• Arrange for repairs to be done but make sure to use reputable, certified trade professionals

Next time you are reviewing your Colorado business insurance, make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild, repair, or replace your property. In case of a tornado or other disaster such as a fire, lightning, or hail, remember to contact one of our agents for more advice!


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