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Colorado Business Insurance: Safety Guidelines for using generators!

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For any business in Colorado, business insurance policies may provide coverage for losses incurred during a power outage. However, if you own or operate a Colorado business, you may have considered purchasing a portable generator to see you through those times when the power is down. If you do purchase one of these devices, it’s important to be very mindful of safety to avoid fires and shocks. Guidelines include:
• Always read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly, especially regarding the grounding of the generator.
• For connection, you can either call a licensed electrician to connect it with a transfer switch, or you can plug appliances directly into generator outlets via heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords.
• Do not connect the generator to a power outlet as this can “back feed” electricity back into power lines, which could cause electrocution to personnel who are working to restore power.
• Only use a generator in areas with good ventilation, and direct the exhaust outside to avoid carbon-monoxide poisoning.
• Do not overload the generator – use it only for essential power needs until full electricity is restored.

Carefully following instructions and guidelines in the use of your generator helps to reduce the risk of fires, shocks, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The correct and safe use of a generator may mean you are able to keep your business running and avoid the need for filing a claim on your Colorado business insurance policy!


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