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Colorado Business Insurance: Learn About Fire Safety!

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When it comes to your business premises, safety is paramount. Protecting you and your workers, as well as keeping your business safe if disaster strikes, is an important task. Fire prevention and safety should always be a top priority. Not only might it save lives, but also help you avoid claims on your Colorado business insurance policy.

Fire prevention and safety strategies include:
• Holding regular fire drills with your workers.
• Appointing a properly trained person from your workforce to be in charge of fire safety.
• Checking electrical sockets to make sure they are not overloaded.
• Replacing any frayed or cracked electrical cords.
• Get your electrical wiring checked by a professional tradesperson, especially for an older building.
• Get furnaces and heaters regularly cleaned and maintained.
• Keep combustible materials away from heating sources.
• Make sure exits are clearly marked and not obstructed in any way.
• Ensure smoke detectors and sprinklers are in good working order.
• Make sure your fire extinguishers are the right ones for the section of the building they are used for.
• Clear the outside area of dried vegetation, and keep plants well-pruned, especially those close to the building.
• Consider retrofits to improve the fire-resistance of your building; however if you are undergoing renovations, make sure fire safety is practiced – fires sometimes start as a result of rags or debris igniting from blowtorches or other equipment.

Finally, make sure your Colorado business insurance is adequate to enable you to rebuild if required. Contact one of our agents for more details on this!


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