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CO Auto Insurance: Tips On Winter Driving And Car Maintenance!

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While CO auto insurance provides some financial protection when you are out on the road, naturally, it’s best to minimize the likelihood of accidents from occurring in the first place. In the winter, special care should be taken not only while driving, but also with vehicle maintenance.

Tips include:
• Get the brakes checked to ensure equal braking.
• Keep the car battery well-charged.
• Ensure brake and headlights are functioning and properly aimed.
• Check antifreeze levels.
• Check that the defrosters and thermostat are in working order.
• Make sure the tires have adequate tread and are properly inflated.
• Avoid allowing the fuel tank to run down to empty as this could freeze the fuel line.
• Carry chains for use on icy or snow-covered roads if necessary.
• Always check the weather conditions and forecast and plan your route in advance.
• Use a de-icer to remove ice from the vehicle, but not warm water, which could crack the windshield.
• Remove snow from your vehicle’s lights.
• Brake and accelerate gently to avoid wheel spin.
• In a skid, do not brake or accelerate but steer the vehicle in the direction you want it to go.
• Carry a winter emergency kit in the vehicle in case you get stranded.

Good vehicle maintenance, planning ahead, and safe driving should help to make your winter driving a better experience and increase your safety on the road. Hopefully this will reduce your accident risk and minimize the chances you’ll be making a claim on your CO auto insurance this winter!


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