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CO Auto Insurance: Road Safety Laws

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In CO, road safety laws are designed to minimize the risk of the occurrence of crashes and injuries. They cover areas such as alcohol, cell-phones, speed limits, young driver learning and licensing systems, older driver licensing, safety belt and child restraints, and red-light and speed cameras. Improving safety on the roads should hopefully lead to fewer accidents and less need for filing CO auto insurance claims in the process.

More detailed information on these safety laws can be found at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. They include:

• Driving while intoxicated (DWI): blood alcohol is illegal at 0.08, and may involve a 3 month license suspension for the first offense, but not necessarily vehicle forfeiture for multiple offenses as in some States.
• Young drivers: must be 15 to attain a learner’s license and this must be held for at least 12 months. A driver’s license cannot be attained until the learner is at least 16.
• Cell-phones: there is no ban on hand-held cell-phones while driving as of now, but there is a full ban on texting.
• Speed limits: these are 75mph maximum in rural and 65mph in urban areas.

Research indicates that crashes have been linked to driver behavior, so any attempt to improve safety is beneficial. As a driver in CO, it’s important to put safety first while on the road by understanding the laws and driving safely. It’s also important to take time to review your CO auto insurance policy to ensure that coverage is sufficient for your financial protection!


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