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A Winter Picnic For The Family Means Traveling, So Have Our CO Auto Insurance For Protection!

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Winter snow and blizzards may make it unwise for Coloradans to travel far this holiday season. Those who have to travel should check their CO auto insurance to make sure their coverage is appropriate to the risks of driving in winter conditions.

In any case, the spectacular Coloradan natural landscape may well tempt people outside when conditions improve. Families looking for something different to keep children occupied may want to consider a picnic in the snow.

You’ll need to be sure the weather is not going to suddenly deteriorate. A day that is forecast to be clear and sunny is likely to be your best option. Naturally, you’ll be warmly dressed and children might be more comfortable if they are dressed in several layers. That way they can take something off if they get hot running around in the snow sledding or having snowball fights.

Hot or warm food and drink is important on a winter picnic. Insulated containers are readily available to keep the food warm. Hot chocolate, soup, chili, or casseroles are likely to be well received. Those planning to travel as a large group might consider taking along a barbecue grill.

You may want to make sure everyone arrives safely. It is easy for a car to slide on packed snow and ice with the risk of collisions. No one wants to start the year with a claim on their CO auto insurance, so be sure to allow more time for journeys to help you manage winter conditions safely!


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